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The Praemia Healthcare portfolio is composed of 160 high-quality healthcare assets covering around 2 million sq.m mainly located in France and focused on acute care.

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€6.1 bn 

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Figures as of December 31, 2023

Some portfolio assets

Reims-Bezannes polyclinic (Marne)

The Reims-Bezannes polyclinic, one of the largest facilities in the Grand Est region, was named "Best Healthcare Development Project" at the 2019 MIPIM Awards. This facility combines eco-design, state-of-the-art technology and functionality. Dedicated to acute care, this site consists of a private hospital and two buildings housing doctor's offices, a medical laboratory and a medical imaging and nuclear medicine centre.

Operator: Courlancy Santé
Architect: Jean-Michel Jacquet
Number of beds and places: 395
Floor area: 29, 800 sq.m
Completed in: 2018
The complex is HQE-certified with an "Excellent" rating

Confluent private hospital in Nantes (Loire-Atlantique)

This multi-disciplinary facility is one of the main hospitals in the Greater Nantes area The acquisition of this hospital's property assets showcases the confidence of Praemia Healthcare's partners and the expertise of Primonial REIM Care's teams in growing externally through complex transactions.

Operator: Vivalto Santé
Number of beds and places: 557
Floor area: 53,800 sq.m
Acquired in: 2019

Croix du Sud private hospital, Quint-Fonsegrives (Haute-Garonne)

This essential healthcare facility in the Greater Toulouse area provides almost every type of acute care. Praemia Healthcare, with the support of the teams at Primonial REIM Care, has built the facility based on an organisational principle whereby technical and surgical interventions are performed on the lower floors with patient rooms and residential accommodation on the upper ones. This private hospital focuses on outpatient care backed by high-tech equipment in a comfortable setting as demonstrated by the new "Cocoon's Care" areas.

Operator: Ramsay Santé
Architect: AIA Life Designers
Project owner: Praemia Healthcare
Number of beds and spaces: 382
Floor area: 30,900 sq.m
Completed in: 2018
The complex is HQE-certified with an "Excellent" rating

Our active asset management strategy, combined with our ability to set up and supervise real estate projects, enables us to provide practical solutions that address the needs of our healthcare partners and helps to increase the value of Praemia Healthcare's portfolio!
Philippe INGOUF, Chief Operating Officer - Primonial REIM Care