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Following the July 5, 2023 announcement with respect to Primonial REIM France's acquisition of 63% of the shares owned by Icade in Icade Santé for €1.4 billion, the real estate investment company Icade Santé became Praemia HEALTHCARE.


The Praemia Healthcare portfolio is managed by the teams at Primonial REIM Care, a subsidiary of Primonial REIM, the leader in healthcare real estate in Europe.

The Praemia HEALTHCARE portfolio, which totalled €6.1 bn as of December 31, 2023, is made up of 160 facilities mainly located in France with most of them providing acute and post-acute care. This portfolio, whose tenants include Europe's largest healthcare prodivders, is unique both in terms of its size and leadership position in the industry.

Operating in a resilient market segment where demand is constantly on the rise, Praemia HEALTHCARE has focused on high-quality facilities that provide healthcare services that are essential to their local communities. As both an investor and owner, Praemia HEALTHCARE strives to generate sustainable rental income while increasing the value of its property portfolio.

Primonial REIM Care works closely alongside healthcare providers

Within the framework of long-term partnerships, the team at Primonial REIM Care assist healthcare companies with all aspects of their real estate projects. They have extensive experience in real estate investment and complex project management as well as a deep understanding of the issues facing healthcare players. This expertise enables the teams at Primonial REIM Care to offer high-quality buildings that meet the new expectations of operators in terms of operational performance and the need for comfort and well-being of their patients and residents.

Attentive to societal issues, Primonial REIM Care also helps its tenants manage the environmental and social impact of the buildings and their use. 

In so doing, Primonial REIM Care supports its healthcare partners in developing their operations, modernising their facilities and meeting the needs of local communities.

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Facilities in  Europe


Operators, 90% of which are among the top 5 in their markets

€6.1 bn 

Property portfolio


Occupancy Rate

Figures as of December 31, 2023

Primonial REIM Care, a managemnt team dedicated exclusively to Praemia HEALTHCARE

Xavier Cheval
Philippe Ingouf
Chief Operating Officer, France
Laurent Poinsard
General Secretary
Helga Camalon
Chief Financial Officer
Marc Nguyen Dinh
Chief Investment Officer
Elsa Couteaud
Head of ESG and Product Management
De grands institutionnels investissent à travers Praemia Healthcare pour le développement d'une meilleure infrastructure de santé. En mobilisant leur capital, notre mission est d'apporter à nos locataires, opérateurs de santé, des solutions de détention de leur immobilier à long terme et d'améliorer la qualité des bâtiments. Notre ambition : détenir des lieux où l'on prend soin de vous.
Xavier CHEVAL, Président - Primonial REIM Care

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