CSR at the heart of our values

Primonial REIM has placed CSR at the core of its growth strategy, firmly believing that investing in and making strong commitments in this field creates value for its stakeholders: investors, tenants (their residents, patients, and employees), partners, and local communities.

Through dedicated tools and actions, the teams at Primonial REIM Care, responsible for managing the real estate portfolio of Praemia HEALTHCARE, support their healthcare partners in reducing their environmental footprint, enhancing asset resilience, and strengthening their social contribution.

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By incorporating environmental and social dimensions into all projects, we contribute to making the real estate portfolio of Praemia HEALTHCARE more sustainable and resilient, while also enhancing the comfort and well-being of patients, residents, and staff.

Elsa Couteaud – Head of ESG, Primonial REIM Care

Our commitments in terms of ESG


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Enrolling the portfolio on the 1.5°C trajectory and enhancing its resilience against sustainability risks.

While the real estate sector accounts for 25% of greenhouse gas emissions in France, Primonial REIM has placed the environment at the core of its CSR strategy, focusing on accelerating the transition to a 1.5°C trajectory and adapting its buildings to climate change to create a more sustainable and resilient portfolio.

In order to accelerate its low-carbon transition, Primonial REIM measures the energy and carbon performance of its entire portfolio.

Recognizing the need to enhance the resilience of its assets in the face of climate change, Primonial REIM is committed to monitoring and improving the vulnerability of its assets and investments to major climate risks.


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INTegrating new uses and promoting the well-being of occupants and healthcare professionals


Social impact is inherent to the activities of Primonial REIM, as its investments greatly contribute to ensuring access to essential services.

To illustrate this point, the French clinics within the Praemia HEALTHCARE real estate portfolio represent approximately one-fifth of the capacity of the for-profit private sector, serving a catchment area of 36.5 million people, which is half of the country's population. These clinics recorded nearly 2 million stays in 2020. The nursing homes (Ehpad) provide a capacity of over 8,000 beds.

While social impact is intrinsic to its activities, the teams at Primonial REIM Care also support tenant operators in continuously improving the quality of life, comfort, and well-being of the occupants of healthcare facilities.



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implication of the stakeholders


In order to implement its environmental and social initiatives, the teams at Primonial REIM Care strive to establish governance that aligns the practices of all stakeholders involved: internal teams, tenants, service providers, investors, and financiers.