Praemia Healthcare has made ESG a central part of its strategy, convinced that investing and making strong commitments in this area creates value for its stakeholders, including its investors, tenants (their residents, patients and employees), partners and local communities.

In collaboration with these stakeholders, Praemia Healthcare has defined three key ESG issues specific to its business:
- Accessibility of care
- Occupant health and well-being
- Climate and resilience

Through dedicated tools and actions, the Primonial REIM Care teams, in charge of managing the Praemia Healthcare property portfolio, assist healthcare providers in reducing their environmental footprint, developing the resilience of their facilities and improving the comfort of patients and residents.

Photo: Le Bourget clinic (93). Operator: Ramsay Santé.

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By integrating an environmental and societal dimension into all our projects, we help to make Praemia Healthcare properties more efficient and resilient while enhancing the comfort and well-being of patients, residents and staff.
Elsa COUTEAUD - Head of ESG and Product Management, Primonial REIM Care

Our societal and environmental goals

Accessibility of care

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Contributing to the growth of healthcare services to meet local needs and user expectations

Praemia Healthcare's business has an inherent impact on the society, as its investments in healthcare facilities help to ensure that the population has access to essential healthcare  services.

To illustrate this point, Praemia Healthcare's facilities in France represent around 20% of the for-profit private sector. With a catchment area serving half of the country's population, they recorded almost 2 million stays. The nursing homes total over 3,000 beds.
As such, the portfolio is composed of facilities offering a wide range of medical services and specialities in multiple locations.

Photo: Les Trois Tours private hospital, La Destrousse (Bouches-du-Rhône). Operator: Inicea (Clariane).

Occupant health and well-being

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Promoting the comfort and well-being of patients, residents and staff as well as ensuring that facilities are adapted to new medical pratices

Praemia Healthcare assists its healthcare tenants in continuously improving the quality if life, comfort and well-being of the occupants in their facilities.

In 2019, Praemia Healthcare drafted a Quality of Life in Nursing Homes Charter in collaboration with the French standardisation association AFNOR. It includes an internal framework with some 100 criteria relating to the well-being and living environment of residents. This framework is used to identify comfort issues and initiate a dialogue on possible improvement measures.

Praemia Healthcare conducts audits in its facilities to assess whether they can accommodate new medical practices, with a view to proposing adaptation solutions to operators.

Photo: Le Grand Jardin nursing home, Le Lavandou (Var). Operator : Domus VI.

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Climate and resilience

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Committing to a low-carbon strategy to combat climate change and improve the performance and resilience of our facilities

The real estate sector accounts for 25% of greenhouse gas emissions in France. Praemia Healthcare has set itself the goal of reducing the carbon intensity of its portfolio in France by 37% compared to 2019.

To achieve this objective, Praemia Healthcare has mesured the carbon performance of all its assets and budgeted €120 million over 10 years to carry out the work required to improve the energy performance of building envelopes among other efforts. Praemia Healthcare has invested in rood and façade insulation and woodwork replacement and implemented innovative passive solutions. It has also committed to obtaining the French government's E+C- (positive energy and low-carbon) label for pilot projects.

Dedicated to erecting buildings of the highest environmental quality and comfort, Praemia Healthcare also aims to obtain HQE certification with a minimum "Very Good" rating for all its new-build projects over 4,000 sq.m.

In order to increase the portfolio's resilience to climate change, Praemia Healthcare has assessed the vulnerability of all its assets and investments to the main climate risks and pledged to adapt the most exposed facilities by 2030.

Praemia Healthcare's ESG strategy also includes other environmental issues, such as sustainable mobility, responsible procurement and the circular economy, for which a number of steps have been taken in new and existing builds.

Photo: Reims-Bezannes polyclinic, Bezannes (Marne). Operator: Courlancy.
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Praemia Healthcare's commitments and results are detailed in the publications that can be downloaded at the bottom of the page*.

                 A few of our achievements 

Ambrussum PAC facility in Lunel obtains HQE certification

The Ambrussum PAC facility in Lunel obtained HQE certification with an "Outstanding" rating, the highest one possible. The energy performance of the buildings and renewable energy generated on site have contributed to achieving this high level of environmental quality.
This project is part of Praemia Healthcare's commitment to obtain certification for all its projects over 4,000 sq.m in France.

Photo: Ambrussum PAC facility, Lunel (Hérault) - Completed in 2021. Operator: Clinipole.


Improved energy performance at the Jean Villar polyclinic

Weatherproofing work was done on the Jean Villar polyclinic in Bruges in 2019 and 2020 to improve its energy performance. As such, over €1.4 million has been invested to replace the joinery elements of the façades and insulate and waterproof the roofs.

Photo: Jean Villar polyclinic, Bruges (Gironde) - Renovation: 2019-2020. Operator: ELSAN.

Pioneering the use of low-carbon glass at the Le Parc polyclinic in Caen

In 2022, Praemia Healthcare innovated with Saint-Gobain by installing glass with the lowest carbon footprint on the market for the first time in France, as part of the renovation work at the Le Parc polyclinic  in Caen, operated by the ELSAN group. Praemia Healthcare has also implemented solutions to improve its portfolio's passive energy performance, including white roofing on some of its facilities to reduce heat gain in summer.

Photo: Le Parc polyclinic, Caen (Calvados). Operator: ELSAN.

CSR & Innovation Committees

Launched in 2018, the CSR & Innovation Committees at Praemia Healthcare make it possible to co-develop action plans that promote innovation, patient wellness and the environmental performance of the facilities. They aim to help tenants adopt an inclusive approach to CSR issues.
In 2022, 94% of the total floor area of Praemia Healthcare's portfolio was covered by a CSR & Innovation Committee.

Photo: Grand Narbonne private hospital , Montredon-des-Corbières (Aude). Operator: ELSAN.


Praemia Healthcare launched its first call for projects in 2022 as part of its patronage policy around the theme of "living well in healthcare facilities". Through this initiative, Praemia Healthcare aims to support projects that contribute to improving the quality of the everyday lives of patients, residents, visitors and care workers in healthcare facilities. The winning projects were selected by the Praemia Healthcare patronage committee.

The Parole de Chien association visits elderly people in nursing homes and specialised care facilities in the Paris region.

Quality of Life in Nursing Homes Charter

Since 2020, all acquisition audits for nursing homes have included an analysis of the commitments made in the Quality of Life in Nursing Homes Charter, namely to invest in safe, healthy and comfortable facilities that provide high-quality, personalised and caring support, are responsibly managed and contribute to local development. This charter and associated internal framework were developed in 2019 by Praemia Healthcare with the support of the French standardisation association AFNOR.

Photo: Résidence Granvelle, nursing home, Besançon (Dou

Renovation and preservation 

Since 2017, Praemia Healthcare has voluntarily contributed to funding the restoration and preservation of almost 60,000 sq.m of natural habitats in France, Italy and Germany. For example, through its contribution to CDC Biodiversité’s Nature 2050 programme, Praemia Healthcare has helped restore the shallow coastal waters of the bays of Cassis, La Ciotat and Marseille. Conducted with Ecocean, a French specialist in the restoration of aquatic environments, this project aims to promote marine biodiversity and increase ecosystem resilience.

Crédit : Rémy Dubas, Nature 2050 - CasCioMar project - Ecocean

Resilience to climate change 

Against the backdrop of climate change, Praemia HEALTHCARE conducts a yearly climate risk assessment on its properties and new acquisitions. It is committed to strengthening the resilience of its portfolio by adapting those facilities most exposed to climate risks, starting with flooding and heat waves, by 2030.

The adjustable sunshades at Bouchard private hospital (Bouche-du-Rhône) were replaced in 2022 to improve summer comfort at the facility.

Audits to address changing medical practices in order to improve the facilities

Since 2019, Praemia HEALTHCARE has conducted audits on healthcare facilities alongside their operators to adapt real estate solutions to changing medical practices. These audits highlight opportunities for improvement based on an analysis of the building, the facility’s activity and prospects for changes in medical practices, such as the growth of outpatient care.

Photo: Océane private hospital, Vannes (Morbihan). Operator: ELSAN.
*Praemia Healthcare's ESG commitments relate to its assets in France which represented 95% of the portfolio's value as of June 30, 2023.