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Icade Santé is now Praemia HEALTHCARE

Following the announcement on July 5, 2023, regarding Primonial REIM's acquisition of 64% of the shares held by Icade in Icade Santé for a total amount of 1.4 billion Euros, the real estate investment company Icade Santé has been renamed Praemia HEALTHCARE.

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Praemia HEALTHCARE, a portfolio managed by Pimonial REIM Care, a subsidiary of Primonial REIM, the European leader in healthcare real estate.

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Præmia HEALTHCARE owns a real estate portfolio consisting of 159 healthcare assets, forming a crucial hospital and medical-social infrastructure in the regions where they are located. Predominantly based in France, the portfolio focuses primarily on short and medium-term healthcare services (Medicine Surgery Obstetrics clinics, Medical Care and Rehabilitation clinics). It is valued at 6.2 billion euros.
Primonial REIM is a key player in real estate asset management in Europe, with €42 billion in assets under management and teams based in France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, the United Kingdom, and Singapore.
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Primonial REIM, European leader in healthcare real estate

As a pioneer in the healthcare real estate market since 2012, Primonial REIM is now the undisputed leader in healthcare real estate in Europe, with:

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Over €18 billion in assets managed in this asset class (42% of its overall allocation)
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A proven track record and in-depth knowledge of the main markets in Europe. 
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A proven track record and in-depth knowledge of the main markets in Europe. A portfolio located in 6 European countries and diversified across all types of healthcare real estate (laboratories, clinics, senior residences, retirement homes, nursing homes...). 
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Strategic partnerships established with major healthcare operators, guaranteeing high-quality real estate operations and privileged access to the market.

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